March 2021


According to the urban dictionary, this is the meaning of flings; “deliberately short-term sexual relationship between two people. Longer than a one-night stand, not as serious-sounding as “affair”, more frankly physical than the discreet or twee “dalliance“, the word has the associations of a much-needed sexual relief from stress, worry or hang-ups. No deep personal involvement required, just the sex and a bit of attention.”

In his arms she felt secure and protected but uncertain of what was to come because in the end, one party must crash. She met him during a concert. Most of the times the people who have updates on concerts are bourgeois and she was just that type. Thick locks, floral dresses with boots and most times, red lipstick. Nairobi… there’s much to talk about and these streets are cold. The one you thought was yours wasn’t even yours in the first place and in fact, you are the side piece. ‘umdhaniaye ndiye, siye’. He would always give her the much needed attention that women crave for. A few calls here and there and texts to show that she crossed your mind. He would pick her from work occasionally and take her home. In her head, this was a relationship but in his head this was fun or lets say situationship and I still don’t understand why we never dare to question. I mean, dare to question from the beginning and know your place. If long term is what you want then say and if its fun just say. The guy had a BMW and these guys, Subaru owners, Benz and Mark X never need anyone’s opinion especially the ones who are in their early 30s.

Guys crashed on her because she had an outstanding personality. Bubbly, educated, opinionated, expressive and dressed in a fashionable way. She has a YouTube on the side meaning she’s a content creator, thus very expressive. Those ladies who go to Naivasha and now its Vasha just incase you weren’t in the loop. Posting on her Instagram a glass of wine facing the sun I guess its a reflection of art . She’s the type who is so good with blending of contours and blushes, I guess you know what I mean. The type that can rock a hood dress with sneakers, shades and a back pack and all heads would turn. Vee is her name. The guy was the type that would wear hood, sweats and sneakers and still make ladies start questioning if he’s single or not. Imagine the things that that impress girls. He owns a speed bike and that was meant for Sundays because I mean, its Nairobi, less traffic. Sometimes the problem with more money is that you think you are satisfied but unless all other aspects in life balance, someone will look for satisfaction in women, drugs or wrong crowds just to prove a point that they matter. Vee and this guy called Ken met and there was so much going on when they met. She had her girls and he had his crew I mean , they are always flocking together like sheep and I’m yet to see a disciplined one with and independent mind.

“Having a good time?” he asked . She turned and she was impressed with the guy holding a tumbler and smelled like Hugo boss or probably it was Hugo. He had spotted her for sometime and why not give it a try. Small talk then finally she joined him in his car and they talked for a couple of hours. She neglected her friends rather she forgot about them and joined Ken . One guy drove home with Vee’s friends and she took his slot and drove home with Ken. The following morning, Ken presented himself holding coffee from java and dressed in a black suit but no tie. What is a girl supposed to think or feel? she didn’t drive herself to work that Monday as he drove her and picked her from work but before going home, they had dinner. This went on and on for weeks and on Fridays she slept over at his house. The weekend was filled with plan dates and she knew that this is exactly what she wanted. Road trips, evening dates, lunch dates sometimes and from Friday, sleep over at kens until Saturday. In her head, this is her man because things are steady right? three months is enough time for a girl to believe that a man who has been consistently pursuing her is actually interested in her.

Three months later, calls went unanswered and if they were answered back, then with no emotion. Vee being in love would not see it as a sign. The weekends she slept over at kens became lesser and ken would always tell her he’s with the boys or he’s gone for a hair cut so she should be busy and go to the salon. Arrogance took over. Vee begun stopping over at kens office so that they have lunch together then she’ll head back to the office but she would be turned down with excuses like he’s got to finish up some work. I mean, didn’t he have this job earlier? His Instagram page was filled with him in parties and outings and every time she would call him, he just couldn’t pick her call. One particular Friday evening, she dressed up , sexily . A black little dress and all women, this is a must have. A black little sexy dress is somewhere in the closet. She dressed with an aim and it clung onto all her curves and all her edges ready to give her all then with a pair of heels which is allowed because she was driving. What doesn’t make sense is wearing heels and you are walking from railways to uptown, university way then one end of the heel looks unstable. Red lipstick as usual was on check and her eyes popped. She went up the room confidently because kens car was at the parking lot. She ringed the bell and the guy confidently answered it and welcomed her in. Well, he was pleased because he had wrapped her in his little finger but he was displeased because he knew there was an inferno at bay in 1……2…….3……and it erupts just when another lady in kens’ shirt came to the sitting room.

Ken was silent and Vee was shocked but the new girl felt like someone was in her territory. She questioned the lady instead of the guy and the guy was silent. The foolishness of women is fighting against each other. There was a fight as expected and ken stood taking his car keys and left leaving women fighting for him. Vee later left but crashed into pieces completely devastated. Ken was unbothered. The following morning, she drunk herself to sleep. He knocked at her door that morning with a bouquet of roses to apologize. A girl in love doesn’t just unlearn instantly until shes broken so many times to a point where she has no other choice other than to let go. As expected they made up and this cycle went on and on but this guy had so many women in the palm of his hands. She saw all this crap but she tolerated it until she dared to question. ken told her, he wasn’t looking for anything serious and he had never told her that they were a couple. This was true but ladies think just because you are taken for dates and you are bought for flowers and chocolates then automatically he’s your man but I think a man that wants you would profess and claim you. It ended with full closure that for a whole year, all that was happening was nothing but a fling. So many people go through circles of life but relationship is one thing that doesn’t require uncertainty. Speak up and know where you are going from the beginning. Vee is still healing because sometimes people give so much to the wrong people and detaching is a process and it is hard.

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