About Twalha

I am Twalha . A young vibrant lady who puts diverse thoughts into words. I write about lifestyle, inspiration, relationships and travel. Everything around me is a story. People’s experiences, my own experiences and conversations with different people from different backgrounds. I am passionate about encouraging people because it’s better to speak through personal life’s experiences just to show anyone that it’s okay not to be okay. Everything is wabisabi ( incomplete, impermanent and imperfect)

Twalha is very outgoing. A lady that has done a lot of solo travels because routine is lethal. Travel with a purpose and see your mentality change.I am an avid reader. I read because it’s a form of travel through the mind. I speak up my mind and I am  a believer in God. There’s power in spirituality and most of the posts will have spiritual context in them.

I am believer that nothing in this life just happens. There’s a reason for literally everything. I am a believer of compassion and kindness because everyone is battling enough issues. Live, love and laugh. A gem cannot be polished without friction nor man perfected without trials. If someone shows you who they are, please believe them. If someone is good to you but bad to a waiter then that’s a bad person. Finally, when everything seems dark and you feel lost and insecure please remember to whom you belong. God never brought you this far to leave you now.

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