This is my 65th piece since I ever started writing. I could mention a couple of people who have stuck around through this journey, and I am grateful. The pieces with the most views for sure that utterly amazed me, I’ll give a link of three. MR.SUBARU GUY.



The man decided to groom himself and become better after the restlessness of an empty room. A room that was once shared by him and his partner for 6 years was so empty that you could hear the echo from the background as he spoke. Over time, I have come to understand the struggles that men go through irrespective of them probably owning a German machine. So many people lose their own souls thinking that material gain will redeem them of their relevance and significance. The real test of a man is actually when he has money, power and fame. The real test of a woman is when her man has nothing. A marriage will surely be tested but how many people cling on to the vows? for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health?

He met her in church. Women who have been going to church and are saved will tell you proudly ‘I was attracted to him when I saw him speaking in tongues’. The men on the other hand will know that the woman is the wife material because she knows God and she’ll raise the children in the ways of the Lord plus she’ll be submissive because its written in the scriptures. Well, at least its better than meeting the lady in Sabina joy or whiskey river dressed skimpily and drunk waiting for the rescue of a friend to take her to a cab. She will definitely recollect her thoughts in the morning that is if she will wake up in her house . He was a big guy who is tall , light, wears jeans every single day and he is a chef by profession. She is a young lady , light, plump and very religious. They met in a church at Ngong road and she was an usher. That day Rogers couldn’t stop staring at this usher who at some point would praise God and even fall down because she was filled with the holy spirit. Rogers was looking for a wife and this lady, would be his wife in a couple of months. Some men have a fixed mind of finding a wife and everyone who crosses their path is a solution to the puzzle entirely making wrong decisions. I don’t get it how it is enough to figure someone out just by the mere attempt of them memorizing the chapters of the whole book. it sis a factor to be considered but surely it cant be the only thing you look for.

Rogers had found a wife after the service and well, she played hard to get by giving responses of ‘I’ll pray about it for Gods’ guidance.’ That’s a very good thing of course but a revelation was passed immediately she saw the car at the parking lot. Grace is her name. The second time she ushered people in she was particular where her answered prayer would sit and she saw a different car parked when the man came to church. Grace smiled, and ushered him just to the last line of the pew. She gave him her number this time before he even asked for it. Jehovah had answered her prayers and Grace would even call Rogers ‘brother’. The brother in question had just found what he was looking for. A couple of dates here and there while keeping everything holy until the wedding day. The master chef would invite her for dinner at her house and such romantic things would give her assurance that this was Boaz from the bible and she was definitely Ruth. 7 months into the relationship Rogers and his guys went for an introduction which in turn would be a ruracio and then the white wedding. This couple started a family and 4 years later they had two kids. 2020 was their 5th year in marriage and since the hospitality industry was hit hard by covid-19, the sole bread winner lost his job. Marriage was tested. Grace was used to a type of lifestyle that she didn’t know existed until later realizing that the man had loans . Grace had been a house wife from the time she was married and this role is not easy either .

From the time the country started its first lockdown to December, Rogers had sold his car and his wifes’ car and the man was in distress. Fights were increasing every single day due to expectations and lack of understanding. The fights were numerous prior to the financial stress but in 2020 they had just intensified. This couple was living in Loresho and it was a big house with a condominium. the condo wasn’t really an apartment rather lets just result to say that he was lucky to find an SQ which was beautiful in Loresho. Grace started having an affair with their landlord and the kids would be left in the care of the Rogers who was really struggling to make ends meet. Grace would sneak out during lunch hour and switch off her phone sometimes leaving the kids by themselves watching nickelodeon. The gardener just had to tell the man due to empathy and probably because they understood each others ancestral doctrines. The man has no job, he has sold his cars, he has loans, there are fights every single day and to top it all, the wife has an affair with the man he has to look at in the eyes for two months and tell him to be patient he will sort him soon.

One afternoon he decided to go home earlier than expected because I mean , a man just cant sit at home and look as if he isn’t trying. he went to his landlords house and a man in fury let himself in only to find Grace with his landlord cuddling. the owner was a white old man probably in his sixties. The most painful thing was the wife didn’t dare move or flinch to show remorse. that apology thing because you got caught. She laid there in the arms of an old man and they had been having this affair for quite sometime. Everything crumbled and it was painful because of the genesis of their meeting . He was a huge guy and he was dealing with his own self esteem issues and he started questioning himself if that could be the reason why Grace committed adultery. He was a guy in his mid thirties and he cried like a baby for the very first time in a long time. painful tears and he went to his house only to find two innocent children watching TV and once they saw him, it was all hugs and kisses from daddy. Grace didn’t come home that night and they had nothing to eat so they opted for Weetabix and that night he cried . There is nothing as painful as being faithful to an unfaithful partner who is unapologetic. In the morning after the kids had just had Weetabix again Grace showed up and she said hi to the kids and went to the room to actually pack her belongings. she was tired of the marriage and a lot of insults followed after that.

He sat there defeated and empty. He was in the dark. He was depressed and he was shattered. He was a wounded man. Grace left with her things and the room looked empty. She hadn’t left with the kids. 2 weeks later he found an eviction notice and he took his kids to his mother who lived in Buruburu estate. He had to start from scratch. A friend had his back and he took some of his stuff as he sold others. A defeated man had to move back home to his parents home. In 2021 January he filed for divorce and that was the beginning of his turning point as he got a job at the voyager hotel-Mombasa. One becomes better after kissing the floor. Zero is the best place to begin again because you really have no option because you know better meaning you choose better. The kids would still question why mummy isn’t around.

The grass is never greener on the other side. Rogers decided to groom himself by working out and dressing better . becoming the head of chef was actually a promotion in a way bigger could only get better. Grace still exists but we know nothing much other than she moved in with an old man and abandoned her husband and children. it gets better with time. I shall revisit this story soon.

True story…, share and the newsletter is meant to be followed. cheers to the 65th.


  1. quintas omondi Reply

    cheers to the 65th .. I like how u brought out the bitter truth that men outside here go through. Some go through hell to bring bread to the table but some women are ungrateful for that. As sauti sol sang ‘ Heri kulia kwenye boda boda kushinda kwenye rangi rover’…. better having a relationship that is not material based. cause money is something that comes and goes

  2. That’s a lot of suspense, when is that piece dropping so as to finish it..
    The piece is on point, a way to finish the month of love

  3. It happens to slot of people, it’s unfortunate the guy had to go through all that, but it’s much better since he picked up himself and moved on.

  4. Well captured and written so beautifully. Thank you for voicing men’s experiences too.

  5. That’s an awesome piece Twally.. I’m really looking forward for the second part..the boy child boy suffered!

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