Blue water, alkaline, high and low tides but still sometimes has the most soothing effect to the soul. So vast it is that you get drowsy and so beautiful it is especially in its depth that you appreciate the art and wonders of God. Observe the people who live around water bodies, you will note contentment , inertia and bliss. If the water depth can’t depreciate since the beginning of time, then surely there’s God. lets talk about my trip and the lessons from it. one major profound lesson by the owners of the villa ” It is so good to be independent and travel while young but never have a small family because this villa has 7 directors. 5 children and the couple. Travel so much that it becomes a hobby.”

It was on 7th December to be precise and I just had to travel. you can guess which company I traveled with. So I left the house at around 6a.m as the SGR  train (standard gauge railway) was departing at 8 a.m and you know how the security checks are tedious and the ques are annoying. It was a group of around 30 people and I was in coach 16. Funny enough, most guys were in coach 7 and 8 and we were only 2 in our coach with different sitting positions and I made friends with my seat mates. The guy next to me was so high on liquor as he sneaked alcohol in baby bottles and across me was a lady was a literature teacher. Don’t underestimate when a drunk guy speaks because he had very nice wise words to say.

we arrived in Mombasa at around 2p.m since our train wasn’t express but inter county. Our shuttle was already parked outside the terminus and we got to our villas at Diani at around 5 p.m. not so sure where we wasted time, I guess at the ferry. Our villas were called golden duranta villa. On arrival we had to check into our rooms. On  this trip we formed a crew . Ange from TZ trip with her boyfriend Steve. Tony from Tz trip, Kasee who became a very close guy friend and Bobbie.  We had our late lunch, hit the pool and we had to sample the clubs but we settled on a very boring club called Tandoori. This was day 1.Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

DAY 2, we assembled for breakfast and we headed to wasini island via kisite mpunguti national park. I did snorkeling (whereby you get to see underwater with a snorkel and a diving mask) and only two guys did scuba diving (you dive underwater using an oxygen container called scuba)…kasee and Mush. These two guys… with a diversified mindset. Have a conversation with either and you’ll smile with amusement. After snorkeling in Diani, we got into the boat and headed to wasini island for lunch and also the visiting of shimoni caves. On our way to wasini we actually got a glimpse of a couple of dolphins even the albino dolphin. the acquatic life is beautiful beyond measure. I got to see fish of literally every different color and sizes. It will blow your mind I promise.Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.

During lunch…I sat next to Tony and Kasee and oh my, someone ate crabs with a shell then began complaining how tough it is. The idea of crab is you beat it till the shell raptures but a a mans’ got to learn in the process. Wasini island is not developed at all so we had to contribute for the kids. There are wonders of eating crab and lobster maybe you should read about it.  Afterwards we headed back not sure to Diani or Mombasa. We got entertained at the boat by our hosts , Laali and Salim.

By the time we got to the hotel we were tired.  The kind of fatigue where everyone is silent in the bus and everyone is dozing off leaning onto something. We had dinner and there was a pool party and later my crew and I checked out with bajaji to a club called shakatak. This club I definitely recommend as it doesn’t disappoint. You get to dance while looking at the mirror though it gets really congested by 2 a.m. At 4 a.m we went back to our rooms. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

DAY 3 the final day, we went to uhuru gardens and had photos at mapembeni. I honestly sneaked and went to chicken inn for ice cream because the heat in coast is crazy. We then left for SGR train , the departure time was 3p.m . In the SGR, I lost count of time because I was in coach 5 with amazing guys. We played poker with scary dares if you lost in the game.  We made noise and it caught the attention of the Chinese. Arrival was 8 p.m and I was home by 8:40 p.m.

  • Travel solo but never sit with boring people. There must be that spirit of adventure and let lose.
  • Always explore different cuisines, culture and make sure you know their club banger as its part of exposure.
  • God is the creator of this universe, please try snorkeling and see the variety of fish and life underneath. I  swear its paradise.
  • love always comes when you least expect it.
  • Make new friends because they are a product of fun in the trip and while at it, have fun with them.
  • save, travel and repeat. There’s so much that you haven’t seen yet. The world is yours if you let it.
  • be salty like the ocean and still before the tides. life has ups and downs just like the high and low tides. The ocean is clear and blue so always ne clear and precise.

If you hadn’t read the new piece in 2019, click here.LESSONS FROM 2018. cool pics by brent focus and trip was with keitan safaris. thank you for reading.








sponsored by keitan safaris. IN ORDER TO TRAVEL, YOU HAVE TO BE DETACHED.

Deep, salty and rusty people are normally the most amazing people in life. They are wounded and still they rise. Salty people are nasty but they are the warmest people but it’s simply because the world has a lot of monsters covered in masks and being salty is the only way to survive sometimes just like lake Magadi. Lake Magadi is a lake that has this spectacular view covered in  pink because the water is pink and it is home for a lot of flamingos and it is next to Natron and Nguruman escarpments. No one can swim in it because of how concentrated it is but then again it is the best thing in Africa as it is the largest soda ash producer in Africa. Be salty in a manner that people see your beauty , you are purposeful, you heal wounds but  be selfish with yourself that they can’t cross you yet you are a spectacular view. NEVER GO ON TRIPS WITH ANYONE YOU DON’T LIKE.

Once again I had to travel with keitan safaris. Read about my trip to Tanzania if you don’t know about keitan safaris,DO MORE THAN JUST EXIST. The trip begun at 6a.m from Nairobi and we had a stop over at Rongai. Its honestly quite a journey because it’s an hour past ole polos 125kms from CBD. Most of the people I met on the trip to Tanzania were there and we all went with bus 2 by Salim. Salim yet again is the most amazing driver, very eloquent and very reasonable. You know those kind of people that will add value in your life and they are full of kindness that you would just want to know about their past because people with a rough past are generally just kind? That is Salim for you. He still was the driver to TZ but I wasn’t in his bus. Bus 1 had James who was the driver I talked about too. 2 buses, 1 Nissan fully booked we begun our journey. Yet again it was a solo trip, I was a co-driver and I had sat next to an amazing lady that just made every single person happy.

we got to Magadi at around 11 a.m and it’s too hot for comfort. Did you know that Magadi is the cleanest town in Kenya? Sweating has its benefits to the skin too so that was my consolation. We got to the safari lodge and then drove to the lake itself which is quite a distance. This is a lake with less activities and TATA company has made it so clean and you can never see any litter around. God is amazing because this lake has no outlets as most of the water evaporates. Full of flamingos and full of humidity, full of life yet seems sacred and at the same time divine;Full of Gods art,masterpiece and awesomeness. A lake that you can’t go near but for those who tried, well let’s just say their walk wasn’t fun at all as the shore looks dry but its sticky. Some people decided to hike uphill as we took a turn to the south part where there is a hot spring with many healing effects.

The hot spring is full of algae and the water is  so hot  but you have to dip in your body and wash your face too although the salt gets into the eyes but apparently it heals the eyes too. You will leave the hot spring looking all white as if you are working for a construction site but it is  because of the salt of course. Other after effects of the springs are: dizziness, drowsiness and thirst. On the images you will see various facial reactions, Please bare with them because they were undergoing alkaline therapy which is intense. Thereafter we went for lunch at the safari lodge and we were welcomed with soup. The Masai are just the worlds beef chefs because that soup was soulful.  I swear chef Ali Mandhry has got nothing on the Maasai when it comes to beef. This soup was an appetizer. There were rounds of nyama choma. The beef was on another level or maybe it’s because their cows are survivors plus you don’t need to add salt. Food is definitely my engagement ring and that day my dear reader, there was good food in plenty and do not under estimate the Maasai with cooking. There was rice, beef stew, salsa, chapati, ugali, fries and mutura. keep salivating.


We headed for the evening  pool party and we had aerobics in the pool which just made the day more interesting. This trip had amazing people especially my seat mate princess who is just the drama queen and she needs an audition for housewives of Atlanta or Georgia. November babies had a birthday cake and this happens with every trip. After every trip, there is normally silence and this one wasn’t exceptional because of fatigue. I got home at exactly 10:30 p.m. This trip cost 3000 bob inclusive everything. Transport to and Fro, Entrance to Magadi, Tour guide, photography, aerobics at the pool plus meals.

If you want to get away, kindly visit Keitan safaris on his facebook page. Instagram page keitan safaris kenya-keitansafaris. keitan contacts +254720694748. all these amazing photos are by Brent focus. A guy with a heart coated in gold and a little bit of platinum. He took the Tanzania shots too. contacts +254713762614. It’s some days to December and there is so much waiting for you past your comfort zone. You have been working every single day of the year, treat yourself for once with keitan safaris. Kids can go too so tag your siblings and babies along. TUKUTANE  DIANI.



“Travel is fatal to prejudice,bigotry and narrow -mindedness.Many people need it sorely on these accounts.


In a century where depression and mental health is the norm of life and being stable is considered as luck, then do yourself a favor by switching off from the world sometimes.Routine is boring, the normal 8-5 routine from Monday to Friday and if you work in a bank or other service sectors, lets add Saturday. On Fridays, Mojos is full by 6p.m and Saturday is a turn up day then Sunday is chilling indoors nursing hangovers and yet you expect to be mentally stable and emotionally fit, unwind from the normal and let go with keitan safaris.Whenever you honestly see yourself mostly on the side of majority, then I think you should pause and reflect. Kevin keitan is my friend and owns a tourism company. I do solo trips and I always call him whenever I am saturated with ‘the normal’ and his company never disappoints. If you wait for people or groups to travel with, then you will never travel because procrastination will be the order of the day.  Find courage, be bold and live your life the way you feel like living it. Remember everyone has an opinion of how you should live your life but this is your story,write it well and include adventure in your book as it is good for your soul. Travel even if its through books but never get stuck by routine. work-save-travel -repeat.  If you think adventure is dangerous,try routine. It is lethal.”-Mark Twain.


Two buses fully booked, plus a Noah were parked in front of Naivas supermarket, Nairobi at 5 a.m on a Saturday.  I literally didn’t know anyone but by the time we stopped at Emali, I had made very cool friends. I was in bus 1 and our driver was amazing, James is his name. Bus 2 also had an amazing driver, Salim and we bonded much especially at the stop overs. We began our journey at 6a.m and we were at tarakea border at 11.50 a.m for immigration. You need a passport and yellow fever certificate of course. we were 70 people and yes, I was solo but no regrets at all as I even made one friend from bus 2 called Angela. Angela ended up being my roommate in the end.

We left the border at around 2 p.m because we had to exchange cash from Ksh to Tsh.1000ksh=22000Tsh. and guys with no yellow fever had to be injected. Tanzania is beautiful with hospitable people. Our first stop was at Marangu falls kinukamori then we proceeded to Moshi  town where we had dinner. After dinner we went to our hotel which was Kilimanjaro crane. There was a pool party there after and we would all go to experience the moshi night life which begins at 12 a.m unlike in Kenya. My roommate and I left our hotel room and met keitan at the exit. Motorbikes are called bajaji . Taking the bajaji to Redstone club which is the biggest club in Moshi and the best, we decided to do the Kenyan style of boarding three people on a bike till we saw the cops car and it turned out to be a police chase. Kevin had sat just at the end where there’s a metal , Angela was in the middle and I was just behind the driver. All of a sudden the driver takes a turn and he tells kevin ”shuka kwenye bajaji we kijana tunafuatwa na polisi”. I panicked and Ange is screaming telling the driver to stop. To be honest we were left in the middle of nowhere and one of us had injuries yet she had dressed for the party and in white. The driver ran away escaping the cops. We had to walk looking for a bearing then the same driver pops up ”dada zangu naomba niwarudishe nilipowatoa” lets just say Ange didn’t utter some really nice words .”It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.” Our fear now was if Keitan was caught or if he had gone to red stone. We had to find him…


On arrival to Redstone, we found the whole crew there and phew!Keitan was there but one of us was so hurt that she just sat down the entire time. There’s no way you leave the same in a foreign country! Across our table there was this Tanzanian guy who kept staring at me but that’s a story for another day. We went back to our hotel room and slept till 8a.m and later breakfast. We made a few stop overs then we went to kikuletwa springs. This is one of God’s master pieces to be honest…blue water from L.chala and fish underneath giving a free foot massage. We had chips mayai (zege), a delicacy of mixing eggs and fries together. We left kikuletwa springs at around 5 p.m and we had to proceed back home. This time we went to Namanga for clearance and the que was crazy. Note:we entered Tanzania via Tarakea border and we came back to Kenya via Namanga border hence we went round M.Kilimanjaro. I alighted at Mombasa road and got home at exactly 2a.m on Monday.

This whole trip was 7000 bob inclusive everything apart from snacks of course. Transport to and fro, meals, accommodation and entrance fees at Marangu falls and kikuletwa springs. Thank you keitan for that adventure. Best trip ever. To contact Keitan,+254720694748 is his number. Follow his Facebook page -keitan safaris. keitan is one of the coolest people I have ever met to be honest. He ensures that everyone is comfortable first and puts himself last. There are a series of events and travels lined up monthly and some are local. The world is yours if you have an independent mind. Live! laugh and love but NEVER be an ordinary person with an ordinary lifestyle. Travel with keitan safaris. Tukutane L.Magadi.  PHOTO-CREDIT#BrentFOCUS-0713762614. Brent was the clown of bus 1. he made it lively while dancing. Guys were already kinda high by the time we got to Tanzania.



There are lessons I honestly learned from a trip which was a hike to mt. Longonot. I will talk about parallelism of the hike with life as it is. Life is a journey and not a destination. Stick with your own pace its not a competion. Let’s talk.

It was an impromptu trip to be honest but it came with its perks. So this saturday morning, I travelled with keitan safaris. The trip begun at around 7:30 a.m with a few stop overs before we got to mt. Longonot. We stopped over at the Great rift valley view point, then to the old Italian catholic church and after the hike, to L. Naivasha. Well, we started the hike at 11.

It starts a little easy and you won’t even notice the task at hand. It’s very gradual. We started as a big group and in a short period everyone was forming small groups and in the end I realized there were three different groups ; the very fast hikers, the average and the slow paced ones.

I was in this click of awesome girls then after a while we were scattered. Suddenly the hike got steeper and steeper that I regretted why I decided to do it. There were these two guys who held my back throught the process. It’s not like a hike to ngong hills where its a little smooth. For a mountain , it’s so steep and has alot of obstacles, it needs you to be sober enough to know which path to use. By the time I got to the rim of the crater, looking down I couldn’t believe it but the harder part was going round the crater and getting to the summit. (kilele ngamia).

Some people fell sick, I saw couples who had a very nice cordination, some couldn’t go round the rim completely because of fatigue. With the two guys, kevin and King’ori we took a rest then proceeded. I salute anyone who has been to the summit because it was just hard that at some point we used our hands but you have to go on because looking back again is another struggle so you soldier on. As Martin Luther king says, if you can’t fly then run; if you can’t run then walk; if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you must keep on moving. Rest if you must but continue. From the summit to the shelter at the rim and down the mountain from the rim, isn’t easy either. Worse off, I was rained on as I descended the mountain.

Lessons: When you finish school maybe secondary or university, you go to the outside world the same time. After high school, we join different colleges and get different professions and we get different grades too. Just like we started the same time but had different groups and paces . Immediately after university, we get different careers and we meet new people. Descending down, it was a stranger who held my hand while getting rained on and after that, he went his way and I went my way. This is symbolism that new people will be met but not everyone is meant to be in your zone and after a while, life moves on. We thank them for helping us, but that’s it. Their paragraph in the chapter is over.

Life isn’t easy but keep pushing on. Going up the mountain, you have to really perservere then when you look back at where you are coming from, you will be in awe of your achievements and it takes time. Being at the summit, the scenery is so beautiful and once, you’re there you have to keep moving because going back isn’t an option. Well…let go of the past and don’t dwell on it unless it gives you motivation. If you look at the pain, you can’t move forward.

People: the two guys I bonded with symbolises that you have to sorround yourself with people who matter. People who will see your worth. When it’s so hard you feel like giving up, they motivate you and they will hold your hand till you make it. Everyone else will be ahead or infront but we all get to our destinations. The pace people have, that’s theirs so let them be, this is your speed, God’s speed so hold on. I learned that when it rains, most times God uses strangers to help you through and when their part is over, there’s nothing you can do to bring them back. Just like when it was raining there was a total stranger helping me and he was a tourism student so he joined his group later.

Some would be ahead, then we meet then they dissappear as we hiked. That’s life, they might get to the top earlier but tomorrow you might catch up with them or be greater than them. So be humble because the twists and turns are real.

Life is not a competition neither does it have a manual. Keep pushing. You don’t know how strong you are, till being strong is the only option you got. Trust me you’re strong because I learned that the hard way even when I gave up. No matter the challenges, keep moving forward. The small steps you think you’re making is progress too. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. You are just fine …believe me and believe it.

Thank you so much for reading.😘😘

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