There’s nothing as hard as new beginnings. Human beings though need to realize that every nanosecond is a past. Its March, almost the end to the first quarter of the year and looking back, at least for me the only additional value I’ve added to my life is starting a YouTube channel. I am trying to put a face into the art that I praise. This year so far has been lemon added with apple cider vinegar and I was forced to gulp. Can you imagine drinking vinegar? That,s how it felt but there,s beauty in every misery especially with the knowledge that no man will help. Guess who you’ll submit to. YES YOUR ANSWER IS RIGHT and trust and believe that He will make a way. BE STILL AND CALM AND KNOW THAT HE IS YOUR CREATOR.

Have you questioned why so many people are jaded and suicide seems the only way out to a lot of youths nowadays? I wouldn’t judge because sometimes when you turn right its dark and empty and when you turn left its snowy and foggy yet sunshine is what we all want. In Kenya or in the “first world” countries as it is so presumed,everyone is hopeless and look at the suicide data per day… meaning we are all dealing with same devils and demons just different levels. Bottom line is, so many “millenials” are tired and we are gasping for air just trying to survive. Truth is, when you have conversations with your peers, You’ll realize that everyone is struggling with something. Every aspect of life be it financially, mentally, physically and relationship matters there’s a strain.

Struggling has been there since the genesis of creation and the introduction of God manifesting in his prophets. Let’s start for example with the story of Jacob/ Yaqub. He had to toil for 7 years to marry the love of his life and He still never got what He wanted and he had to toil some more. The story of Abraham/ Ibrahim, imagine leaving your native land and starting afresh with nothing but faith and remember Sarah was barren. I think the hardest tests in the female species would be the test of barrenness but TIME is a factor to consider in these stories. Things will work out, but its a matter of time.

Major problem is, this is a society where its all about social media and as long as you are in platforms like Instagram and Facebook; envy, lies, showing off and deceit  will be part of you. Someone is at villarosa kimpiski sitted with Babu Owino and you’re so broke you cant even jav to town and you see such… Depression will definitely hit you hard. People are getting married and my dear sister is turning 28, and there’s no one in the picture… lie to me that she won’t be envious. People are in relationships while you were dumped without even a single closure or explanation yet all your girls are rocking it, tell me it won’t hurt you.

Weird enough, the grass isn’t green on the other side . Have you seen those couples that could win an Oscars  then you see them divorcing or separating but in public, it was all glam as if they are competing with the kiunas (famous preachers in Kenya). Every single person in this world is going through something. Those Instagram posts are just a facade. All these celebrities are always trying too hard to impress people who don’t even matter, just like how girls spend so much money to impress men who won’t even notice them…are just as human as you are and even much broken and lonely in the inside. If you are always trying to impress people, then this life wont move forward for you. Whatever you decide to do, do it for yourself.

Nelson Mandela had all the money in the world but he was so lonely at some point that he would wash his own plate and chat with his servants. This is  after his release from prison. Mandela divorced with Winnie and that period was so lonely till after Graca Machel came into the picture. Celebrities have money but who are the most depressed people? I promise you if you’d go to Nairobi Hospital and see the issues the rich have, you’d be surprised with the therapy session bookings. Perfect example, Avicii.

My point: I break down sometimes and I shut the world too just because things sometimes don’t go my way especially since the beginning of the year. The fact that I am here, breathing , then how amazing is God because He isn’t done with me yet. Things fall apart for the better. God hasn’t brought me this far to leave me now and this applies to you. Be still and know that He ,s God. Every time you shed tears due to depression and feeling stuck, He will never leave you empty when you raise your hands upon Him. The God that created you is all seer and all knowing so surely when in doubt, pray. It hurts and I know its hard believe me I know ,especially if you put your trust in human beings but God is a God of restoration. Every single person in this universe wants something they don’t have and everyone has demons they are battling with. ALLOW GOD TO FIGHT THESE BATTLES FOR YOU BECAUSE HUMAN BEINGS CANNOT. If youre too confused, remember that God is a God of turning impossibilities into possibilities with a blink of an eye. Like I always say, things always fix themselves up and we are all fighting. Hang in there.

stop stalking people on Instagram because its bull and foolish. They don’t have it all figured out just like you.

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  1. Linus Atuya Reply

    A perfect restoration and perfect timing. Hard Times, so Hard indeed.

    keep up.

  2. Evans kipsoi Reply

    Beautiful, madam Anene.I see your future is getting close and closer.Big girl with a big dream,I pray to the Most High Living God to make you a channel of your gifted gift the one your given by our Lord Jesus Christ.Thanks gal and remember better is not enough the best is yet to come.God bless you for your touching words..#Twalhatwalhaanene.

  3. D'mello enrique Reply

    This piece touched me on a personal level… Felt uplifted

  4. Abdihakim Masterplan Reply

    Inspiring article, from you article, I understand that challenges are part of life and that we must trust Allah and do our level best to achieve our dreams….. Keep up my dear the good work….

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