“Travel is fatal to prejudice,bigotry and narrow -mindedness.Many people need it sorely on these accounts.


In a century where depression and mental health is the norm of life and being stable is considered as luck, then do yourself a favor by switching off from the world sometimes.Routine is boring, the normal 8-5 routine from Monday to Friday and if you work in a bank or other service sectors, lets add Saturday. On Fridays, Mojos is full by 6p.m and Saturday is a turn up day then Sunday is chilling indoors nursing hangovers and yet you expect to be mentally stable and emotionally fit, unwind from the normal and let go with keitan safaris.Whenever you honestly see yourself mostly on the side of majority, then I think you should pause and reflect. Kevin keitan is my friend and owns a tourism company. I do solo trips and I always call him whenever I am saturated with ‘the normal’ and his company never disappoints. If you wait for people or groups to travel with, then you will never travel because procrastination will be the order of the day.  Find courage, be bold and live your life the way you feel like living it. Remember everyone has an opinion of how you should live your life but this is your story,write it well and include adventure in your book as it is good for your soul. Travel even if its through books but never get stuck by routine. work-save-travel -repeat.  If you think adventure is dangerous,try routine. It is lethal.”-Mark Twain.


Two buses fully booked, plus a Noah were parked in front of Naivas supermarket, Nairobi at 5 a.m on a Saturday.  I literally didn’t know anyone but by the time we stopped at Emali, I had made very cool friends. I was in bus 1 and our driver was amazing, James is his name. Bus 2 also had an amazing driver, Salim and we bonded much especially at the stop overs. We began our journey at 6a.m and we were at tarakea border at 11.50 a.m for immigration. You need a passport and yellow fever certificate of course. we were 70 people and yes, I was solo but no regrets at all as I even made one friend from bus 2 called Angela. Angela ended up being my roommate in the end.

We left the border at around 2 p.m because we had to exchange cash from Ksh to Tsh.1000ksh=22000Tsh. and guys with no yellow fever had to be injected. Tanzania is beautiful with hospitable people. Our first stop was at Marangu falls kinukamori then we proceeded to Moshi  town where we had dinner. After dinner we went to our hotel which was Kilimanjaro crane. There was a pool party there after and we would all go to experience the moshi night life which begins at 12 a.m unlike in Kenya. My roommate and I left our hotel room and met keitan at the exit. Motorbikes are called bajaji . Taking the bajaji to Redstone club which is the biggest club in Moshi and the best, we decided to do the Kenyan style of boarding three people on a bike till we saw the cops car and it turned out to be a police chase. Kevin had sat just at the end where there’s a metal , Angela was in the middle and I was just behind the driver. All of a sudden the driver takes a turn and he tells kevin ”shuka kwenye bajaji we kijana tunafuatwa na polisi”. I panicked and Ange is screaming telling the driver to stop. To be honest we were left in the middle of nowhere and one of us had injuries yet she had dressed for the party and in white. The driver ran away escaping the cops. We had to walk looking for a bearing then the same driver pops up ”dada zangu naomba niwarudishe nilipowatoa” lets just say Ange didn’t utter some really nice words .”It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.” Our fear now was if Keitan was caught or if he had gone to red stone. We had to find him…


On arrival to Redstone, we found the whole crew there and phew!Keitan was there but one of us was so hurt that she just sat down the entire time. There’s no way you leave the same in a foreign country! Across our table there was this Tanzanian guy who kept staring at me but that’s a story for another day. We went back to our hotel room and slept till 8a.m and later breakfast. We made a few stop overs then we went to kikuletwa springs. This is one of God’s master pieces to be honest…blue water from L.chala and fish underneath giving a free foot massage. We had chips mayai (zege), a delicacy of mixing eggs and fries together. We left kikuletwa springs at around 5 p.m and we had to proceed back home. This time we went to Namanga for clearance and the que was crazy. Note:we entered Tanzania via Tarakea border and we came back to Kenya via Namanga border hence we went round M.Kilimanjaro. I alighted at Mombasa road and got home at exactly 2a.m on Monday.

This whole trip was 7000 bob inclusive everything apart from snacks of course. Transport to and fro, meals, accommodation and entrance fees at Marangu falls and kikuletwa springs. Thank you keitan for that adventure. Best trip ever. To contact Keitan,+254720694748 is his number. Follow his Facebook page -keitan safaris. keitan is one of the coolest people I have ever met to be honest. He ensures that everyone is comfortable first and puts himself last. There are a series of events and travels lined up monthly and some are local. The world is yours if you have an independent mind. Live! laugh and love but NEVER be an ordinary person with an ordinary lifestyle. Travel with keitan safaris. Tukutane L.Magadi.  PHOTO-CREDIT#BrentFOCUS-0713762614. Brent was the clown of bus 1. he made it lively while dancing. Guys were already kinda high by the time we got to Tanzania.




  1. “Travel is fatal to prejudice,bigotry and narrow -mindedness……spot on

    • we are going to L.Magadi I hope. yes people who aren’t independent minded are shallow.

  2. PriNCe AyoDI_jNr 👑 Reply

    Lovely piece……
    Routine is boring indeed…… Being adventurous is the most effective cure for depression….
    👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽
    Looks like it was a marvellous trip as well…. ♥ ♥

    • thank you so much. It was a hella lots of fun to be honest. travel with keitan safaris.

  3. Wuod Okuyu Nyakwar Gitau Reply

    Wow, Wow! Twally iam sure it was a Fantastic cute adventure just from these images and how you have Pen it down. …👌👌👌 been to Arusha and the foot hill of Mt Meru was epic indeed. .I miss Bongo ..😄

    • take me there. thank you so much for always being loyal. believe me i appreciate it Hamza.

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