Whether you earn 1Million and someone else earns 10k, both of you are under the same sky and you’re both surviving but most times, the latter is more happy and content. I got an inbox  “Twalha please write about deceit and joblessness because currently I am jobless and I have a 7 month old baby and the father abandoned me, meaning I am a single mum.” This touched me so I will merge it with equilibrium of this life.

I met Kevin recently in town just opposite GPO where there is a bakery shop. Kevin sees me and he’s like ‘long time Twally.” Kevin was my classmate in campus but we were never close. Tall, light, now with a beard  and in official outfit but without a blazer holding a parcel. Kevin has this je ne sais quoi demeanor. Kevin told me he’s hustling and this is a term that most people use a lot nowadays to sugar coat that life is quite hard but I’m surviving. So we talk then he tells he’s actually looking for a job and he has papers in that parcel but God has his back. If God is all you have, then you will be just fine even if it seems to be too dark. I would rather you get a job from God than from man…just like having  a spouse. Have you ever noticed that people with adversaries are the most content people full of so much hope, let’s just say very optimistic. To be honest I wouldn’t wish the depression of unemployment even on my worst enemy but truth is, at some point in life, it’s a pill you will taste just so that you are kind and helpful to someone else. I have been there and it sucks. Just like the sun rises, so will you.

dsc_0414This is the time where almost everybody you know keeps off. You will call people asking them to help and their responses are ” send me your CV to my email” just to soothe you and to give you false hopes. This is the time where someone will keep telling you to remind them that they’ll give you feedback but will never call. All your friends will be somewhere and you are nowhere. If you know you can’t help them, don’t sympathize and don’t lie to them only to ridicule them. At some point you must taste it. Its like visiting someone in hospital, it’s easier being on the side bed than the bed itself but at some point you might find yourself there. Its called life. Take that jobless hustling guy for lunch because its hard under the scorching sun in the city of Nairobi without a a tall uncle or aunt. The worst is being compared to a person who tarmacked for 6 years or more. Through it all though, you will survive.

DECEIT. depressed-teenage-girl-texting-on-the-bridge-picture-id801862074931468447.jpeg

We live in a world of narcissists where people use other people and break the other party. If you want fun take swimming lessons or go party but don’t damage peoples hearts. I think we all bring generational curses upon ourselves. We have all been broken or dumped and vice versa. It happens every second, everyday but to the men who leave scars and collect dust, do not underestimate the tears of a wounded broken woman because it’s only but a curse. Whether you left her while pregnant or not, as long as she weeps because you lied, betrayed, cheated or hurt her, well… start buying morphine because the pain you will at some point in your life feel will be twice as bad. To the lady who in-boxed me, It’s hard I know because its a battle of unemployment and being a single mum and this is hard but you will survive. Everything always falls into place and God is definitely watching over you. Its pain so deep that cuts across your heart and down you spine and the world suddenly has nimbus clouds formed in it but you will survive and this much I promise because you will heal. Allah says with every pain and hardship comes ease. To the ladies, always choose you first. He might bend you but never break because you need to cheers watching karma kiss at his door. BE A COMBINATION OF SWEET AND SAVAGE…ALPHA FEMALE.


What someone else is feeling now whether joy or sadness, so will you. Some people have never felt the wrath of unemployment but just before retirement, they get a blow of retrenchment or someone else retires, having invested nothing and it brings them back to the same point of the unemployed. We all must get to the top but lucky is he who knows the taste of the bottom rather than the one who will slip down the mountain like an avalanche. Like I said earlier, it’s easier being on the other side of the hospital bed than the patient but who knows what tomorrow holds. The rich and the poor will be distinguished by class but every single bone and part of their body functions the same and most importantly, they will both be six feet under when God is done with them because the depth is constant. 6 feet under.

Be kind when your friend calls you because they are hungry as its just a phase. The future is just too uncertain for you to be boastful in this earth. Thank you for reading…we have a date soon.



  1. Linus Atuya Reply

    The closing line, 😊😊, when will that date be 😇😇

    Perfect piece, perfect timing

  2. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿, you give inspiration to so many people.
    May your cup never run dry!!! 🙏🏿

  3. Am extremely blessed and re-energized, that was so very deep, thanks

  4. Milesmontiego kairu Reply

    I guess no-one has a crystal ball but one thing is for certain, changes lie ahead that are beyond our reality… Thanks for the inspiration an blessings on blessings to you

  5. Well said we really may be in different states but we all human and nothing gives us a right to trumple over one another,thanks for this piece,it gives us hope, truly each point is a stage in life and it’s bound to change….

  6. Wuod Okuyu Nyakwar Gitau Reply

    The opening remarks kinda reflect my past struggling life in this unforgiving City. Awesome piece of inspiration. Always a joy to read your articles 👌👌

  7. In these times, it’s a blessing to have the ability to make people feel like they are not alone!!! ❤️
    Awesome Twali!!!!

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