In every woman’s closet there ought to be a black dress. It could be a buibui , a lingerie, a top and a dress. The size of course is for different occasions. Sultry and mini is very good for dates, evening dates. May is her name and her color signature was black. Black dresses would in a way magnify her luo curves and we all can agree that these women have a very big history but the future would be proportional to the waist. May is a Gemini and that’s why her name is May according to her birth month. She loves to have a good time and everyone loves her because she is the life of the party. May is loud, too loud that it’s embarrassing to introduce her to the elite. The kind of lady that you would love because of her energy and her sense of fashion but her frontal lobe (part of the brain responsible for reasoning and decision making) and the temporal lobe (part of the brain for memory) was a miss. Those lobes must have been inactive or at inertia state completely. May is beautiful, curvy, loud and was the life of the party as well.

Black dress and coat it with confidence

Allan was tall, a macker mixed with a lot of Casanova. I hated him because no skirt or wigs would miss him. What he couldn’t miss completely was too much make up. Allan meets May at jiweke tavern along ngoni road. It was a baby shower but with a twist because the ratio of men to women was 50:50. I’m used to seeing the baby daddy at the shower and for some reason they disappear from the whole scenario after some photo shoot or in some , the guy doesn’t even attend at all. May being loud and Allan being a macker, what a combination. The difference between Allan and May is that Allan was a sharp guy. He is a very intelligent lawyer who has made partner in a firm somewhere in Westlands . Allan lives in Kilimani but it’s strange he doesn’t own a Subaru and start conversations with “you my guy”.May in her very sexy micro mini black dress which was suited for after party , spotted her fellow Gor mahia fan. Allan is in this green T-shirt( Gor mahia ) and blue pair of rugged jeans with simple sandals that I saw at Bata. He isn’t a cheap man . I am quite sure they had a logo “hush puppies.” May was in knee length boots which were very high but not 6 inches. To be honest no guy wouldn’t turn to check her out and tap other fellows while side eyeing her. She knew what she wanted and she wanted money of course but with a package of a man she would proudly introduce to everyone….loudly!

This was in January just before we all knew the cabinet secretary of health would always be on our screens giving figures and on his right stands a Doctor called Amoth. Allan and May decided to hit it off and by the Valentines they were a couple. Instagram would probably nod and exclaim ” they’re posting…oh not again.” It’s valentines but May was in black. Maxi dress in coast…chiffon black maxi dress. Nowadays I don’t judge on the duration people have known each other because it depends with chemistry. Allan was smitten by May but for all the wrong reasons… and May was smitten with Allan and for all the wrong reasons but this is Nairobi. Nairobi is a city where someone is in a relationship yet someone else would sleepover in HER house and a girl would be okay being HIS side chick. Nairobi is also a city where choosing the right spouse is more hectic that it’s better to settle for someone who resembles Murkomen and lucky are you if he’s broke because if he has money no one cares….”vumilia sura, kula pesa .” In March , May had moved in with Allan to kilimani and then we heard our first case of covid-19. It was all cuddles and roses until one day all courts weren’t supposed to be open . Lawyers would have to work from home and Allan was locked in with the girl who only wore black . Not that she was unhygienic but she knew how to mix everything and we all know black doesn’t disappoint. This is the point that Allan realized beauty is vain and there’s more to a woman than ass and a loud mouth. May with her loud mouth couldn’t cook and for some reason Allan never found it discomforting until the loud lady talked back at him and he landed a slap on her face. May had moved in because she had cash expectations and she had to endure the blows and the slaps. Allan realized that in the house he needed someone to reason with especially about the state and Maragas woes like the woman who decided to cause chaos at the Supreme Court claiming he was a dead beat but that was non of Mays business. She wanted to attend Lady Maureen’s burial… Allan wanted to reason …a woman who was classy in the streets but at least she got a freak in the sheets. What would a freak in the pillows and handcuffs equip your children with? Allan was a party animal but the lock down was there to prove to him that there are things he had never dealt with and that is why he was brutal. Partying is just but escapism. Everyone has masks and his closet was so full . When a man prides his achievements too much and is a Casanova, trace that mans background or past. Society has normalized some type of stupid lifestyle yet it’s more than normalcy. May had to fix herself and question why she was always giving herself freely and this had to be traced in her childhood as it could be PTSD at play.

Covid-19 has been a pandemic that has exposed couples to who the other person really is and that is why issues are arising. Explain to me why there are so many gender based violence and why we have so many pedophiles.

At the end of the day, choose wisely. Some things fade in people but some things are crucial in a partner. Good brains and morals should never be compromised.

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  1. He he he that is so true of today’s relation ships, people get into them for the awful wrong reasons; it should be about finding someone who completes your grey areas n vise versa, money,looks, are all materialistic, but how best do you get each other!! And so the emphasis on courtship! You can’t just meet on a few dates n then decide you are ready for marriage, further more what happened to waiting for the right moment?? Ladies nowadays remove their clothes so fast, how then do you expect to last?? Someone should be made to work for it,within that time you should have known whether you have things in common or not.

  2. Mashaalah great work of art… We hope you will continue the story and tell us more

  3. PriNCe AyoDI_jNr Reply

    Nairobi and Entanglements
    Most relationships are just infatuations once they ease is when we realize we didn’t actually love the other person
    It’s sad but that’s what we’ve become now

  4. Got writing skills like Biko Zulu….You now got a new die-hard fan for your content….I’m impressed.

  5. Reading through the piece, one can relate some stuff, in some situations smile abit..

    Covid 19 pandemic is a blessing in disguise,

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