A lot has been said about last year that right now I feel inert to revisit it but its important. For you to move forward you have to clear up the baggage of the past. This is my own reflection of who I am becoming and where I’m at at this point in my life. 2020 was tough for sure but it taught me that grace and mercy is required and God sees you. In that same year, there are people who bought land, homes, upgraded their cars, got married. Through it all, there has to be growth. Dark as it may seem, Gods grace and mercy is sufficient. It was dark and tough but you grew in ways you cant imagine. The rose that grew in concrete.

Spiritual perspective.

Power lies in the God that you believe in. Its a a matter of faith. Faith is tested when everything seems impossible and you have no idea what will happen next not when everything is cozy. Faith is the evidence of thins not seen. People lost jobs and so many people died in 2020 but since you have crossed over to this year, now that is grace and mercy. Otherwise, what would have stopped you from being swept over like a whirlwind when everything seemed to be like a Passover. Most people lacked basic needs but we never lacked because of Gods mercy. Absolutely nothing is by your power nor by your strength but sometimes you have to plead with God to do what only He can do. I think spiritual alignment is crucial especially if you want things to move. As at now, I am at a point in life where God is my first priority. Well, that was always the case only that now its in-depth rather more intentional. If you have to cry, cry on your knees. If you have to make a decision, consult God first. I think its high time to stop expecting things from humans because if you truly pray, then those humans will be destiny connectors or helpers.

If you have goals and dreams that seem too big in the human mind frame, plead with God because God cannot be limited. God is a God of abundance so dream big and ask for big things. It is only reasonable because He is almighty and thee we worship and thee we ask for help. Imagine asking the one who created almost 8 billion people and none of these people have the same fingerprints . You are asking the one who can ensure the fresh water and salty water not to mix – GULF OF ALASKA. All the seven wonders of the world are a mystery. Imagine crying on your knees to the one who knows your death date and He knew your gender just when you were a clot. He promises not to leave you nor forsake you and when You call upon Him, He answers. This much I saw when everything didn’t make sense especially during the tension of the lock down. This is not to say that those who lacked basic needs aren’t prayerful but I know there’s power in prayer. I hope to pass this down on to the next generation .


Definitely top notch. I am very expressive and if something doesn’t give me peace, I give it up. I say NO when I mean NO. I don’t settle with anything no matter the conviction as long as my focus wasn’t there to begin with. Nothing to be honest can take away my peace. How I deal with people and situations now is very different from who I was a year ago . If someone doesn’t want to be a part of my life, I simply step aside and keep moving forward feeling nothing . I choose those who choose me. Age isn’t a factor to filter what to say because if wrong is wrong, then it needs to be said irrespective of someone’s age as all other factors are held constant. Peace of mind is very expensive you just cant supplement it with petty things and people.


The person I was in campus and a couple of years are two completely different people. There are more serious factors to look for now in your partner with less compromise because forever is a long time to spend with the wrong person. No one is perfect but only you know what you can tolerate and what not to bearing in mind that people rarely change. Through it all, may you find your kind of perfect. I pray that he/she chooses you no matter what because at the end of the day we all want to be chosen. Don’t tell her you love her, show her.

Sunshine Posts


Nothing is impossible with God so now write the goals down. Some wish to settle down and its all about purposeful searching right now. Some want a car. some want a baby . Some want land and envision constructing their home. Some want to start their own business or switch careers. Some want to have a fixed savings account with good money by the end of the year through a standing order. This is the first month of 12 and there are so many things to be achieved other than non sense and bullshit about people and drama. Purpose to grow in every aspect of your being. Mentally, I have purposed to go for long walks that is, when I’m free or read. Last year I only managed to read 8 books which was a flop but this year I think ill try 15. Emotionally, I choose to only choose those that choose me. Whatever needs forgiveness has to be forgiven without an apology because its an injustice to block my blessings holding on to expectations. Financially, all I can say is we want money and more money so the plan is to work hard. Spiritually, I am at good point and its growth over and over. No one can understand your relationship with God apart from you. Whatever it is we are all yearning for, God should not be limited because He is God of abundance so dream big and pray more. You just cant rely on the prayers of your mother or grand mother… do it.

ABOUT 2021.

Its all about growth and what needs to be in the trash should be burnt and not recycled. I hope to read more, travel more and make money. God , family and Twalha in that order. May you prosper and May you soar. When it rains, surely may it pour. Blessed 347 days.

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  1. This is quit commendable, good job Twally. I’m definitely thrilled to read this kind of articles especially from youths like you. It’s not only educative but also very inspiring. May you have a blessed 347 days too!!

  2. A perfect piece to kickstart the year, and gives hope and lifts one’s spirit up…

    This year keep em’ pieces flowing consistently

  3. My Darling Twalha. You never seize to amaze me. The extend to which I relate to your blogs is just unimaginable.
    You my dear are a defination of talent and growth.
    I love you;)

  4. Couldn’t agree more with you on this piece of art.
    2021 is different from previous years. Its a year of purpose. May God see us through our intentions.
    Blessed 347 🙂

  5. Omoro Stephen Reply

    Another masterpiece, keeping us woke and reminding us that Gods grace is always sufficient, it’s true 2020 was all crazy but never the less ,people did prosper remarkably while others flopped too.
    We all need that spiritual alignment.
    Thanks for this Twally.

  6. Samwel Angira Reply

    Covid -19, is a blessing in disguises, provided opportunity for people to appreciate the existence of God. It equally allowed us to reinvent ourselves to be able to change the business models and priorities as youths .
    2021 just started and seemingly it is moving so fast that one needs to , already reconsider some dreams. For those who want to have a child in 2021, you have less than 40 days

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