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Deep, salty and rusty people are normally the most amazing people in life. They are wounded and still they rise. Salty people are nasty but they are the warmest people but it’s simply because the world has a lot of monsters covered in masks and being salty is the only way to survive sometimes just like lake Magadi. Lake Magadi is a lake that has this spectacular view covered in  pink because the water is pink and it is home for a lot of flamingos and it is next to Natron and Nguruman escarpments. No one can swim in it because of how concentrated it is but then again it is the best thing in Africa as it is the largest soda ash producer in Africa. Be salty in a manner that people see your beauty , you are purposeful, you heal wounds but  be selfish with yourself that they can’t cross you yet you are a spectacular view. NEVER GO ON TRIPS WITH ANYONE YOU DON’T LIKE.

Once again I had to travel with keitan safaris. Read about my trip to Tanzania if you don’t know about keitan safaris,DO MORE THAN JUST EXIST. The trip begun at 6a.m from Nairobi and we had a stop over at Rongai. Its honestly quite a journey because it’s an hour past ole polos 125kms from CBD. Most of the people I met on the trip to Tanzania were there and we all went with bus 2 by Salim. Salim yet again is the most amazing driver, very eloquent and very reasonable. You know those kind of people that will add value in your life and they are full of kindness that you would just want to know about their past because people with a rough past are generally just kind? That is Salim for you. He still was the driver to TZ but I wasn’t in his bus. Bus 1 had James who was the driver I talked about too. 2 buses, 1 Nissan fully booked we begun our journey. Yet again it was a solo trip, I was a co-driver and I had sat next to an amazing lady that just made every single person happy.

we got to Magadi at around 11 a.m and it’s too hot for comfort. Did you know that Magadi is the cleanest town in Kenya? Sweating has its benefits to the skin too so that was my consolation. We got to the safari lodge and then drove to the lake itself which is quite a distance. This is a lake with less activities and TATA company has made it so clean and you can never see any litter around. God is amazing because this lake has no outlets as most of the water evaporates. Full of flamingos and full of humidity, full of life yet seems sacred and at the same time divine;Full of Gods art,masterpiece and awesomeness. A lake that you can’t go near but for those who tried, well let’s just say their walk wasn’t fun at all as the shore looks dry but its sticky. Some people decided to hike uphill as we took a turn to the south part where there is a hot spring with many healing effects.

The hot spring is full of algae and the water is  so hot  but you have to dip in your body and wash your face too although the salt gets into the eyes but apparently it heals the eyes too. You will leave the hot spring looking all white as if you are working for a construction site but it is  because of the salt of course. Other after effects of the springs are: dizziness, drowsiness and thirst. On the images you will see various facial reactions, Please bare with them because they were undergoing alkaline therapy which is intense. Thereafter we went for lunch at the safari lodge and we were welcomed with soup. The Masai are just the worlds beef chefs because that soup was soulful.  I swear chef Ali Mandhry has got nothing on the Maasai when it comes to beef. This soup was an appetizer. There were rounds of nyama choma. The beef was on another level or maybe it’s because their cows are survivors plus you don’t need to add salt. Food is definitely my engagement ring and that day my dear reader, there was good food in plenty and do not under estimate the Maasai with cooking. There was rice, beef stew, salsa, chapati, ugali, fries and mutura. keep salivating.


We headed for the evening  pool party and we had aerobics in the pool which just made the day more interesting. This trip had amazing people especially my seat mate princess who is just the drama queen and she needs an audition for housewives of Atlanta or Georgia. November babies had a birthday cake and this happens with every trip. After every trip, there is normally silence and this one wasn’t exceptional because of fatigue. I got home at exactly 10:30 p.m. This trip cost 3000 bob inclusive everything. Transport to and Fro, Entrance to Magadi, Tour guide, photography, aerobics at the pool plus meals.

If you want to get away, kindly visit Keitan safaris on his facebook page. Instagram page keitan safaris kenya-keitansafaris. keitan contacts +254720694748. all these amazing photos are by Brent focus. A guy with a heart coated in gold and a little bit of platinum. He took the Tanzania shots too. contacts +254713762614. It’s some days to December and there is so much waiting for you past your comfort zone. You have been working every single day of the year, treat yourself for once with keitan safaris. Kids can go too so tag your siblings and babies along. TUKUTANE  DIANI.




  1. Awwwwwwh. The grammar is on another level. I must say. Thank you for the mention. Am humbled. Nice travelling with you.

  2. Very precise feel like am there and salaivating for the food too

  3. You got good grammar skills dear, a great description and all facts all in

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    As expected.. some lil bit of salt, served hot and it’s delicious

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