Blue water, alkaline, high and low tides but still sometimes has the most soothing effect to the soul. So vast it is that you get drowsy and so beautiful it is especially in its depth that you appreciate the art and wonders of God. Observe the people who live around water bodies, you will note contentment , inertia and bliss. If the water depth can’t depreciate since the beginning of time, then surely there’s God. lets talk about my trip and the lessons from it. one major profound lesson by the owners of the villa ” It is so good to be independent and travel while young but never have a small family because this villa has 7 directors. 5 children and the couple. Travel so much that it becomes a hobby.”

It was on 7th December to be precise and I just had to travel. you can guess which company I traveled with. So I left the house at around 6a.m as the SGR  train (standard gauge railway) was departing at 8 a.m and you know how the security checks are tedious and the ques are annoying. It was a group of around 30 people and I was in coach 16. Funny enough, most guys were in coach 7 and 8 and we were only 2 in our coach with different sitting positions and I made friends with my seat mates. The guy next to me was so high on liquor as he sneaked alcohol in baby bottles and across me was a lady was a literature teacher. Don’t underestimate when a drunk guy speaks because he had very nice wise words to say.

we arrived in Mombasa at around 2p.m since our train wasn’t express but inter county. Our shuttle was already parked outside the terminus and we got to our villas at Diani at around 5 p.m. not so sure where we wasted time, I guess at the ferry. Our villas were called golden duranta villa. On arrival we had to check into our rooms. On  this trip we formed a crew . Ange from TZ trip with her boyfriend Steve. Tony from Tz trip, Kasee who became a very close guy friend and Bobbie.  We had our late lunch, hit the pool and we had to sample the clubs but we settled on a very boring club called Tandoori. This was day 1.Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

DAY 2, we assembled for breakfast and we headed to wasini island via kisite mpunguti national park. I did snorkeling (whereby you get to see underwater with a snorkel and a diving mask) and only two guys did scuba diving (you dive underwater using an oxygen container called scuba)…kasee and Mush. These two guys… with a diversified mindset. Have a conversation with either and you’ll smile with amusement. After snorkeling in Diani, we got into the boat and headed to wasini island for lunch and also the visiting of shimoni caves. On our way to wasini we actually got a glimpse of a couple of dolphins even the albino dolphin. the acquatic life is beautiful beyond measure. I got to see fish of literally every different color and sizes. It will blow your mind I promise.Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.

During lunch…I sat next to Tony and Kasee and oh my, someone ate crabs with a shell then began complaining how tough it is. The idea of crab is you beat it till the shell raptures but a a mans’ got to learn in the process. Wasini island is not developed at all so we had to contribute for the kids. There are wonders of eating crab and lobster maybe you should read about it.  Afterwards we headed back not sure to Diani or Mombasa. We got entertained at the boat by our hosts , Laali and Salim.

By the time we got to the hotel we were tired.  The kind of fatigue where everyone is silent in the bus and everyone is dozing off leaning onto something. We had dinner and there was a pool party and later my crew and I checked out with bajaji to a club called shakatak. This club I definitely recommend as it doesn’t disappoint. You get to dance while looking at the mirror though it gets really congested by 2 a.m. At 4 a.m we went back to our rooms. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

DAY 3 the final day, we went to uhuru gardens and had photos at mapembeni. I honestly sneaked and went to chicken inn for ice cream because the heat in coast is crazy. We then left for SGR train , the departure time was 3p.m . In the SGR, I lost count of time because I was in coach 5 with amazing guys. We played poker with scary dares if you lost in the game.  We made noise and it caught the attention of the Chinese. Arrival was 8 p.m and I was home by 8:40 p.m.

  • Travel solo but never sit with boring people. There must be that spirit of adventure and let lose.
  • Always explore different cuisines, culture and make sure you know their club banger as its part of exposure.
  • God is the creator of this universe, please try snorkeling and see the variety of fish and life underneath. I  swear its paradise.
  • love always comes when you least expect it.
  • Make new friends because they are a product of fun in the trip and while at it, have fun with them.
  • save, travel and repeat. There’s so much that you haven’t seen yet. The world is yours if you let it.
  • be salty like the ocean and still before the tides. life has ups and downs just like the high and low tides. The ocean is clear and blue so always ne clear and precise.

If you hadn’t read the new piece in 2019, click here.LESSONS FROM 2018. cool pics by brent focus and trip was with keitan safaris. thank you for reading.









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    It seems you enjoyed to the maximum. .I love the white sandy Beaches of Diani. ..👌👌

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