TYPES OF MEN IN THE DATING SPHERE. Here is a link TYPES OF MEN IN THE DATING SPHERE. to a controversial piece and men keep asking for the ladies version of this. Something different and something fun. Who runs the world, girls…they say but not all girls do it. Let us talk about girls. Note: The names don’t necessarily mean that they portray a persons character. If you get a good wife you become happy, if you get a bad one then you become a philosopher. At the same time I think good is relative because one mans treasure is another mans trash.

Vanessa: Very pretty ,fun loving and outgoing. Do you happen to know of a girl who you can always call whenever you are low and they will show up with a bottle of wine or drop you a pin to meet them at a joint then hook you up with oga? Men love these girls for sure but who settles with them?

Maria: church going lady who can exorcise demons. She prays and fasts but her heart needs Jesus . They are religious but not spiritual then they end up with Brian because Brians are humble and nerds. “Brian” gets depressed because they met in the church but her character is pathetic indoors. Men please stop searching in churches and thinking lightning won’t strike you. Remember,demons are exorcised in churches and mosques.

LUCY: Hardly smiles and I have no idea why she is always in the front office or Mpesa shops in town. Always with a negative vibe. She works hard yes but she needs to work hard in the kitchen too and probably the gym. Advise: keep smiling and bring in positivity because when you attract it, it finds you too. No need to be salty Lucy….Paint the world yellow.

Jamila: She studies beauty. It’s always about make up then she has learnt to walk with blocked heels. She can cook but she’s lazy as hell. My advice to you doll is, there is so much in life than a fake face. Men love Jamila for sure then they realize she can never advise you about anything in life but she can feed your guests like no ones business.

Josephine: very chilled, reserved and sings in the choir. She is awesome and has a bond with God. This is reflected in her character and in how she relates with people. Very different from Maria but be careful guys.

Mitchelle: The life of the party and never dates young guys. She loves money and money loves her too. Any man aged below 40 is her ‘friend’ or ‘brother’. Sorry for bursting your bubble but your heart is meant to pump blood with this one. Feelings for her will break you to the core.   Happy rich successful senior businessman character with a lot of money vector Illustration

Sophia: You probably know of this cartoon. She is super sweet but always falls in love with Mr. wrong. Her heart gets broken because she loves 100%. She has a hard time letting go so she doesn’t believe in men anymore. Men be nice to her. If you find her shes a keeper. Good girls find bad boys and until you become a metal then you’ll eventually attract your type.

Maimuna: The gossiper. If someone talks to you about someone, be careful because because they’ll talk about you to someone else. She knows even the last time you ate fish in your home and if your husband is cheating or not. Honestly I love this girl because nothing passes them by .They are important but would you settle with her?

Linda: You will know everything about her life via social media. You will know what she’s eating, what she’s wearing, If she’s at whiskey river, If she’s broken up… you will know. Girl can you please get a life? She marries Martins most of the time. Why do you keep posting too much to people who barely care or know you in the first place. Thanks for the entertainment though.

Alexa: Very talented and fun loving. Never dates men. Relationships and attachments are completely not her thing . Has a don’t care attitude and you can never wrap her into your little finger. A lady in the streets and a freak…………but her heart isn’t for anybody. Men love her but get intimated by her. I love her too.

Grace: She isn’t sure if she gave her life to Jesus or Lucifer. You got to decide Grace.  Today she’s heading praise and worship and tomorrow she’s vera sidika. A fence sitter. She’s never even decided if she has a guy or not but there’s always a guy somewhere. If you end up with Grace, believe me she isn’t sure if you are the father to her children or not but bora uhai (as long as we are alive).

Lakisha: Drama queen I tell you. Don’t you dare believe you are the only man in her life. You are probably 5 of you and your tag is ‘my salon man or mpesa’. She will get caught by one guy then she will wrap you in your little finger and you are back at it. She is almost like Grace but the difference is that at least Grace pretends sometimes.

Sasha: She is always shopping at sasa mall and she doesn’t see the need of an education. Her dialect is a bit tricky and she can’t work either. She is a believer that it’s a man to provide. A medieval type of woman. Some men like her and some can’t stand her. I am a lady and I can’t stand her. Advise:” Your education will never wake up one day and say it wants a divorce or feelings have changed. Your papers will never cheat on you.”

Maya: She is beautiful, curvy, pace setter and has it together. I love this type of girl because she can’t give you a nonsensical feedback. She intimidates weak men. She has her own Benz and you can’t tell her nothing. She can smell a weak man from afar. Sadly what shows on the outside is a strong woman but she has a vulnerable heart and all she wants is a man who loves her and is committed to her only but she cant find him. At the end of the day our emotions are just like Eves’. A girl is still a girl even with success.

Woman model lady girl secretary teacher boss manager smoking cigar cigarette vintage retro sepia Silhouette of a woman intelligent managing director is keyboarding on laptop computer, while is sitting in modern office interior. Female economist is analyzing the activities of company via net-book

Sharon: She’s like a snake in that you can’t know she’s slithering till she bites. She knows every old man with money and she can tolerate anyone with money but her life is short lived. Don’t lose your soul trying to compete with people who don’t care about you honey.

Vivian: Always competing with every other woman. If you buy new shoes, she’ll buy the same exact ones too. You have a new hairstyle today by next week viv will have the same one. She sucks up my energy. Have your own style doll. Keep it together because she wants you as her guy to treat her how someone else treats her pal. She’s toxic and believe me relationships are different. Who can stand this one?

Stalker: she will stalk your every move on social media and woe unto you if you break up because she will hunt down your new girlfriend. She will never let you go unless you are tough and stern. She will even text your new girlfriend or wife and still possess you. I hate her too. Let go and move on. If you are dating this one, run. Oh doll, have your peace of mind and let go of anyone who hurts you. Karma is a bitch served when cold.

Ashanti: She is from Nigeria but so full of life. Only dates Nigerian men and she’s a hard nut to crack. She will get you and she will have what she demands. You will always be on the move to please her. I’m sorry but if you play chess, shell will utter ‘check mate’.

Milan: Lives in Karen and studies aviation. She listens to artists like Daniel Caesar. Sorry broke guys because 10000 bob is her manicure expenditure. She’s so loud that you will notice her in every party just to get attention. Despite having all the money and being a party animal, she is damaged inside as any other girl. Good luck girl but have it together.If you are a broke man just scroll down.

Angela: Wild girl who’s always there to prove a point on how dangerous she is in the rooms. There’s more to life than biology….have a chemistry subject first because they will use you and dump you because they need you and by the time you know it, you are finding ex.

Arya: Super loud, curvy and fun loving. Has a kind heart than Maria definitely but she will make your brain jog. Almost like ashanti but the difference is she’s kenyan.

DIANA:  She is beautiful both inside and outside. She knows God and has a relationship with God. Very chilled but go getter. Passionate about so many things. A lady you can introduce to your grandmother and will definitely approve. Classy, simple and elegant is the perfect description for her. Advises, motivates and vindicates. Tender, cautious, teases and thinks. Does wine not beer. Does make up but subtle just to enhance her beauty. Wears to impress but never to flaunt. She speaks gently and shuts up when need be. More of  a listener than a talker. I promise you man if you get this one, please call me too because you just won a jackpot. If you hurt her then you are a disgrace to the male species.

After its all written and read, please remember that you are beautiful, precious and worth it and never let a human being trash you. Speak up when need be. Walk out when need be.

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  1. So complicated, its so hard to figure out and find out who is Diana?

    • She is a gem. Rare to find but once you find her, hold on to her. They do exist… Take your time to search.

    • Maya has standards! If you won’t be intimidated then she’s ideal. Diana’s are around but rare.

  2. 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿, you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head.

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