Truth is, I have been wandering since the onset of this pandemic. I’m not alone in this for sure but it is what it is. One minute we were all jubilant about 2020 and the next minute everything comes cruhing down. Isn’t this life’s mystery though? Pausing unknown when the sky is clear. What if all of us would be given a trailer in dreams just before we make any decisions in life? This blog is more of breaking the ice. It’s been a minute.

What if before you joined University you’d be given a clear picturesque of your life post graduation. Would you have gone to school at all or would you have changed courses or you would have gotten connections just for assurance that things would be better immediately you re given the power to read more.

What if before getting into that relationship you were shown the future that you’ll be someone’s slave or punching bag prior to you u crying while saying your vows? Not even a chi can understand this. What if the person you have been dating for five years changes his mind about you and marries someone he/she has known for five weeks? What if the person you are supposed to marry is the best thing that could happen to you or turned out to be a psychopath? Supposing indeed you get married and you realize there are issues of impotence or sterility and you are left after a couple of years of trying, would you have chosen him/her? What if your spouse got sick immediately after your honey moon and it’s a terminal illness would you have chosen that path? What about infidelity considering how the society has normalized having side chicks….if your spouse was the same person who would write your death sentence by bringing about HPV which would turn to cervical cancer would you have chosen that path?

What if the job you have been dreaming to have is the same job that would make you see the doors of jail because you misread a contract or you signed something under duress and that would change your life completely ? What if before the pandemic you realized that your job was just a platform for you to have bread on your table but other than that no one really cares about you and your colleagues will never be anything more especially when it comes to survival. What if someone told you that jobs are just temporary and nothing to brag about because today you have it and tomorrow you don’t

what if you were given a trailer to know exactly how you’ll die and when? Would you relive every second like mending broken relationships or living accordance to the word of God. I’m sure you’ll magnify your life and it would have meaning. 

What if the car you purchased, that beast that you keep telling your so called friends about a road trip about was the same one that would kill you? What if the man you call babe and posting him every now and then while showing tongues would be a dead beat dad in future? You would definitely leave him the moment he said hello. What if the promotion you are yearning for would cause you depression because of intense pressure? What if the lady that shows you love and affection is the right one for you but you replace her with the one that will be cause of your permanent misfortunes? What if everything you’re going through will end tomorrow just when you wake up and you feel hopeless right now? So please don’t end it I.e life .

what if you had to go through heart ache so that the right one for you would find you. God can’t give you what you deserve if you hold on to what’s not yours so let go. What if restoration is the next minute when you get a call that will change the rest of your life? What if the baby you aborted was the only baby you’d ever get? What if the loan you took a business for wouldn’t be easy to pay, and your business would flop …would you have tried it? What if you can’t repay the loan because situations are getting hard? 

What if you get ill or your loved one gets ill and you can’t feel their pain because only the victim will feel it ? What if your close friends are the ones who would betray you like Judas because remember the closest ones are the most risky. What if you’ll lose friends when you hit rock bottom? Truth is everyone who has suffered a loss or defeat will have a parting shot like “all my friends left me.” Truth is you’ll hit rock bottom because tests of life must be there because you’ll be tested with health, wealth or loss.

Isnt it ironic how comedians are the most depressed people. Good example, Churchill (laugh industry) most of the comedians are battling unexplained depression. Fame is fleeting just like beauty but we all want it not knowing that it projects success but who really comes into your life if not for worldly pleasures? Who comes into your life because they see through your soul? 

My point: life is limbo. No one knows what the future holds just like no one would imagine the intensity of this pandemic. Today you’re accepted in your country but tomorrow you are a persona non grata in another. Every time you feel lost and empty please remember to whom you belong. The one who took care of you and formed you in your mothers womb is the one you should consult in all your dealings because life gets easier that way. For example when you get a proposal right now pray and ask God to grant it success if it’s meant to be but to remove it if it’s not meant t be and feedback you’ll get . Hold on to the one who says Be and it is. Hang in there right now because this is a global pandemic that has affected everyone one way or the other. Loss of jobs, loss of lives…depression. Observing the pilgrimage in Makkah ( hajj) for the first time can’t happen. 

If all I’ve stated above would end tomorrow and the sun would smile at you would you be better and live with purpose? Treat people with kindness because a cow that praises a butcher today just because the butcher slaughtered another cow today would not praise him if the cow knew that it would suffer the same fate in the evening. Pray more to the one who changes situations in seconds and hold on even when you feel tired. This life….is but limbo.

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  1. A good piece for this period amidst the tough and almost impossible situation, a great comeback after long silence

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